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Globalizing Your MBA

The UF MBA Program offers opportunities for our students to increase their global perspective in varying degrees of intensity and time commitments. Regardless of your program choice, you will significantly increase your understanding of different cultures and their business practices through our curriculum. More intensive opportunities are offered to increase your depth of knowledge through Global Immersion Experiences and Study Abroad.

UF Global Immersion Experiences (GIEs)

UF MBA students can register for a 2-credit course that meets over the course of the semester and includes a 7 to 10 day experience abroad. The cornerstone of each GIE is local company visits where you learn about the company's practices and unique environment. Participants will also have opportunities to network with local students and experience cultural activities. The UF MBA Program focuses the GIEs in the world's expanding and developing markets. Destinations in 2011 include Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Japan and China.

  • Strengthen your understanding of global business by meeting with business executives from various industries.
  • Learn the inner-workings of international companies in the country where they operate.
  • Meet with scholars who study the region's economy and political climate of the country.
  • Experience cultural highlights of the area, such as the Great Wall in China and the mosques in the U.A.E.

UF Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

After completing your required core courses, students may choose to study at one of our many partner institutions throughout the world. UF MBA students cannot complete core courses abroad, but can take electives which will count towards the total number of required courses.

Programs vary in length from one semester to a modular format similar to ours. Students who study abroad are able to select a variety of business courses and options depending on where you choose to study. This enables you to further tailor your degree to your industry or discipline of interest.


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