Full-Time MBA Concentrations

Market-driven expertise

The UF MBA Program offers flexibility in shaping your education for your chosen career and industry. Choose to design your curriculum around one of our five market-driven concentrations:

  • Strategy

    Develops and applies analytical methods to study managerial decisions/problems; prepares students for careers in corporate strategy, management consulting, corporate finance and related occupations. Students in the Strategy concentration must take five of the Strategy Electives listed below:

    • ACG 6387 Strategic Costing
    • ECO 6409 Game Theory Applied to Business Decisions
    • ECP 6701 Competitive Strategies in Expanding Markets
    • ECP 6708 Cases in Competitive Strategy
    • FIN 6427 Measuring and Managing Value
    • MAN 6447 Art and Science of Negotiations
  • Finance

    Prepares students for careers in corporate finance, financial management, asset management, management of financial institutions and investment banking. Students in the Finance concentration must take five of the Finance Electives listed below:

    • FIN 6427 Measuring and Managing Value
    • FIN 6429 Financial Decision Making
    • FIN 6434 Private Equity
    • FIN 6438 Study in Valuation
    • FIN 6465 Financial Statement Analysis
    • ENT 6416 Venture Finance
    • FIN 6537 Derivative Securities
    • FIN 6545 Fixed Income Security Valuation
    • FIN 6547 Interest Rate Risk Management
    • FIN 6638 International Finance
    • ENT 6006 Entrepreneurship (-OR- FIN 6642 Global Entrepreneurship)
    • FIN 6585 Securities Trading
    • FIN 6930 Asset Allocation & Investment Strategies
    • FIN 6930 Emerging Markets 1
  • Supply Chain Management

    Uses an interdisciplinary approach to develop an integrated perspective and prepare students for careers in operations, logistics and procurement. Students in the Supply Chain Management concentration must complete five graduate courses offered by the ISOM Department:

    • MAN 6511 Production Management Problems
    • MAN 6528 Principles of Logistics/Transportation Systems
    • MAN 6573 Purchasing & Materials Management
    • MAN 6581 Project Management
    • QMB 6358 Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions I
    • QMB 6755 Managerial Quantitative Analysis I
    • QMB 6756 Managerial Quantitative Analysis II (prerequisite is QMB 6755)
  • Marketing

    Examines consumer behavior, marketing management and marketplace phenomenon to develop students for careers in marketing, brand management, public relations, sales, advertising and market research. Students in the Marketing concentration must take five of the Marketing Electives listed below:

    • MAR 6157 International Marketing
    • MAR 6335 Building/Managing Brand Equity
    • MAR 6508 Customer Analysis
    • MAR 6648 Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making
    • MAR 6833 Product Development and Management
    • MAR 6861 Customer Relationship Management
    • MAR 6930 Ethics & Public Policy
    • MAR 6930 Web based Marketing
  • Real Estate and Urban Analysis

    Develops a comprehensive understanding of real estate market analysis, finance and valuation to prepare students for careers in commercial and residential real estate, asset management, portfolio management and private equity. Students in the Real Estate and Urban Analysis concentration must take five of the Real Estate Electives listed below:

    • *REE 6045 Intro. to Real Estate
    • **REE 6105 Real Estate Appraisal
    • REE 6208 Secondary Mortgage Markets & Securitization
    • *REE 6315 Real Estate Market and Transaction Analysis
    • REE 6395 Investment Property Analysis
    • REE 6397 Real Estate Securities & Portfolios

    *Highly recommended for the concentration
    **REE 6045 or 6395 required as a prerequisite



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