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In November 2005, we launched the UF MBA Alumni Mentor Program: a professional development, networking, and career-focused program that connects full-time MBA students with links to the real world through seasoned alumni working in their industries of interest. Although this is not a job placement program, students who work with a mentor are better positioned to be successful in their job searches and are more confident when returning to the workforce. Over the past 6 years, many of you have served as mentors and have provided invaluable resources towards the professional and personal development of our students. We greatly appreciate your efforts!


Katharine Burks
Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Coordinator
352.392.0381  |  Email (katharine.burks at

UF MBA Mentors are:

  • Friends in the industry, coaches, advocates & openers of doors
  • Willing to open their networks to students
  • Creators of unique learning opportunities outside of the classroom that offer exposure to the business world
  • Sounding boards and advisors who help students explore possibilities and learn more about their chosen industries, review career paths, and fine-tune their career goals
  • Open to sharing past successes, failures, and insights into lessons learned
  • Supporters and givers of constructive feedback

By August, we will welcome over 75 students to the Full-Time Programs and they're ready to build their professional networks. That could start with you! We're seeking alumni volunteers for the 2012-13 mentoring season. You can make a difference...get details and register now.


  • This is a networking/professional development/career-focused program that will connect Full-Time students with alumni who will serve as advisors and share of their professional experiences, and may provide job shadowing opportunities, discuss industry trends, and provide new perspectives and insights into professional specializations and functional areas.
  • Mentors and students must commit to one full academic year of participation. The program will seek to match those who share similar backgrounds, geographic location preferences, or career fields. At the end of the year, we will seek feedback from the mentors/mentees regarding their experience with the program. The decision to continue beyond one year must be mutual.
  • Mentors and students must commit to communication, via phone, email, or face-to-face. While not required, face-to-face meetings are encouraged at least once each semester, if possible. However, consistent communication is key.
  • This is a learning partnership in that mentors and students will work together to establish goals for the relationship and to establish frequency, duration, and types of interactions that best meet their needs and schedules.
  • The MBA Program will provide support and a point of contact for mentoring partners in need of information or should issues arise.
  • All information shared between mentors and students must be held confidential, unless otherwise noted by mentor or student.
  • Mentors must complete the online registration form.


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