Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the University of Florida’s MBA Program, as well as other sources of information.

General Information

  1. Will my diploma or transcript include the format of the program pursued? (i.e. “Online MBA”)

    Your diploma and transcript will say “University of Florida.” There is no indication that your degree was completed online, part-time, or on a full-time basis.

  2. How do I decide which UF MBA option is the right one for me?

    Our UF MBA Program Summary is a great place to start. First, determine if you would like to maintain your current employment and attend school part-time through one of our MBA for Professionals programs. If you prefer to be completely immersed in a full-time student experience, residing in Gainesville and attending class Monday-Friday, check out our Full-Time program options. Then, determine if you are eligible for a one year or two year program. While you are reviewing program options, feel free to connect with our admissions team for advising.

  3. Does UF require any prerequisites?

    All of our two-year, 48-credit hour programs are designed for those who have not taken business courses prior to enrolling in the program. However, if you are considering a one-year program that is 32-credit hours then you are required to have a business degree from an AACSB accredited school in addition to completing the coursework on our eligibility checklist.

Application Process

  1. How do I apply to the UF MBA Program?

    Our application and detailed steps do not need to be completed in order, and we encourage applicants to submit items as they are ready. We will create an electronic file for you and will add to it as we receive your documents.

  2. Can the $37 application fee be waived?

    The University does not waive the non-refundable $37 application fee under any circumstances.

  3. I forgot the UF ID provided to me during the application process. Can you provide it to me?

    We are unable to access or share your UF ID, as this is your unique identifier. If you forget or misplace it, please follow the instructions for retrieving it.

  4. Can I apply to more than one MBA Program?

    Only one application should be submitted, and we advise applying to the program that is your top choice. The Admissions Committee may consider you for other programs if you are not eligible for your first choice.

  5. What if I can't submit the application by the deadline?

    We offer rolling admissions and encourage applicants to submit their applications year-round. If you apply after the deadline, you will be considered for the upcoming class only if there is space available. We encourage you to contact the admissions team to see if there is space available and to design a personalized timeline for submitting materials.

  6. How are the admissions criteria weighted?

    The Admissions Committee determines an applicant’s candidacy for the MBA program after reviewing all factors: professional experience, undergraduate performance, GMAT/GRE test score, recommendation letters, and essays. One aspect does not outweigh another. Competitive applicants have quality professional experience and excellent academics. If an applicant feels their application has a deficiency, the Admissions Committee recommends ensuring all other areas are outstanding.

  7. Can I schedule an admissions interview?

    Once your application is complete, the Admissions Committee will evaluate your file and determine if an interview is the next step. All Full-Time applicants will be interviewed. We do not conduct interviews for our Professional program options, but you are welcome to request one.

  8. Once my application is complete, how long will it take to receive an admission decision?

    The decision delivery timeline will vary by program and time of year, but goal is to deliver a decision within 2-3 weeks. You are welcome to contact (floridamba at once your application is submitted to check your status.

  9. Once accepted, how can I reserve my spot in the program?

    Once you are admitted, your official admissions letter and deposit invoice will be send electronically to your email address on file within 5 business days. Submitting your deposit payment will reserve your spot within the cohort you were admitted into.

  10. Can I defer my admission from one term to another?

    When an admitted student is unable to enroll in the term originally applied for and requests to begin in a later term, the admissions committee will evaluate the decision on a case-by-case basis. Outstanding applicants will be offered admission for the subsequent term and other applicants will rejoin the applicant pool.

Transfer Credits and Program Eligibility

  1. Do you accept transfer credits?

    No, as most top programs will not accept them. However, an applicant who has completed most of our eligibility checklist in another MBA program or other business program within the last seven years may be eligible to enroll in a one-year program option.

  2. Do you require professional experience to join your MBA Program?

    A minimum of two years of professional experience is required prior to enrolling in any of our programs (the Executive program requires eight). Strong applicants will possess the equivalent of two years of full-time work in a professional position, and this time can include college co-ops, internships, and military experience.

    We suggest that if you are close to the two year requirement and want to enroll soon, apply. If the Admissions Committee determines your current professional experience does not qualify, they will recommend you for a subsequent program start date. If you are a non-traditional student who first entered the workforce or military then returned to school to earn your bachelor’s degree, we encourage you to apply.

  3. I am interested in the Executive Program but I’m not sure if my work experience qualifies me. What are my options?

    If you are nearing eight years of professional experience and have lead/managed teams, we welcome you to apply. The Admissions Committee will thoroughly review your application and if you do not meet the Executive program requirements, you will automatically be considered for the Two-Year Professional Program.

  4. I have extensive work experience and/or professional licenses. Does that make me eligible for the One-Year program options?

    No. Professional experience and professional licenses do not substitute college coursework.

  5. I earned my minor in business and completed several business courses. Am I eligible for the One-year program options?

    Only if you have successfully completed the majority of the coursework on our eligibility checklist within the last seven years. If you are missing 1-2 courses on the list, the Admissions Committee will carefully review your other application materials and form their decision based on your other qualifications, performance in previous business coursework, and/or your GMAT/GRE test score. Feel free to contact the Admissions Team to discuss your eligibility.

GMAT, GRE & Language Exams

  1. Can the GMAT/GRE requirement be waived for candidates with a high GPA, substantial work experience, high-level positions, or business owners?

    For Full-time applicants, the GMAT is still the preferred exam but please contact us if you have a current GRE score on file as combined scores of 316 and above are considered.

    Professional applicants must submit a valid GMAT or GRE test score, unless the applicant has earned the following:

    • PhD from a US School.
    • MD/DMD/DVM/JD/PharmD from a US School.
    • A Master's Degree from a US School and previous test score.

    Contact us at (floridamba at to inquire if your academic background could qualify for an exemption to our test requirement. The exemption will be granted after a review of transcripts and previous test scores.

  2. How do I register for the GMAT or GRE?

    To register for the GMAT, visit Test scores are valid for five years. When scheduling the exam, keep in mind that you have to wait 16 days before retaking the test (and can take the exam no more than five times in a 12-month period). If applying close to an application deadline, we recommend the GMAT since you will receive an unofficial score report following the exam. Please scan your unofficial score report and email to (floridamba at so we can add them to your file while we wait for the official scores to arrive.

    For Professional program applicants, register for the GRE at You can take the exam once every 21 days, so please plan accordingly. GRE test takers will not receive an unofficial score report following the exam, so please email (floridamba at with the score breakdown shown on-screen at the conclusion of the test.

    Official school code: 5812

  3. What are the average test scores for admitted students?

    The GMAT average for Full-Time students is 685. The GMAT average for Professional students is 600, and GRE average is 305.

  4. I've taken an exam and did not do as well as I planned. Should I retake?

    If your score is not in the competitive range for the program in which you are applying for, we recommend retaking. Our competitive GMAT score range for Full-Time applicants is 620 and higher. For Professional students, our competitive GMAT range is 550 and above, and GRE score range is 305 and above.

    We do not average your test scores. Instead, we will use your highest composite score in the evaluation process.

  5. Can I be conditionally admitted because I did not do well on the exam or I did not have time to take it?

    No. All students must have a competitive test score as part of their application prior to being admitted.

  6. How long does it take for UF to receive my GMAT/GRE scores?

    It takes 20 days for your official score report to be received by UF. We can often use your unofficial score report/breakdown in the Admissions Committee evaluation process, so please scan and email to (floridamba at immediately following the exam.

  7. Am I required to submit English proficiency exam results and what score do you require?

    If English is not your native language and you do not have a bachelor's degree or higher from a country where English is the language of instruction, a TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB score must be submitted. Applicants should also score at least 30 on the verbal section of the GMAT and may be asked to interview to demonstrate English proficiency. Because the language exam is only one factor in the admissions decision, a high score does not guarantee admission.

    Minimum Scores

    • TOEFL: 550 (paper test); 80 (internet based)
    • IELTS: 6
    • MELAB: 77

    University of Florida institution code is 5812.

    You are exempt from the English proficiency requirement if you are from one of the following countries.


  1. How can I obtain a scholarship?

    Scholarships are awarded to our most competitive Full-Time students. All Full-Time applicants are automatically considered for scholarships during the application process and are awarded based upon their academic and professional achievements. There are no scholarships available to Professional students.

  2. Who can I speak to regarding financial aid?

    We have two financial aid advisors who work exclusively with MBA students regarding FAFSA, loans awards, and disbursement, and we encourage you to connect with them at any point starting in the application process and beyond to receive additional information. More details can be found on Financing My MBA.

    Connie Reed (connie.reed at

    Lena Rabe (lena.rabe at

  3. Is financial assistance available for MBA students?

    All UF MBA students who are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for Federal (Stafford) loans, and private loans. You must be accepted for enrollment at UF before you are considered for financial aid, but you should apply for aid before being admitted. To apply for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford loan funding, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may apply as early as October 1st prior to the upcoming academic year. The academic school year runs from Fall through Summer (i.e. to apply for aid for Summer 2017 you must complete the 2016/17 FAFSA and to apply for aid for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 you must complete the 2017/18 FAFSA which is available October 1, 2016). Financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so apply as early as possible to be considered for the most, and best aid.

  4. Is financial assistance available to international students?

    International students may qualify for private loans or utilize a US co-signer on the loan.

  5. Why do the Executive, Professional, and Online Programs cost more than the Florida Resident Full-Time Programs?

    The costs of the Full-time programs are subsidized by the State of Florida, which lowers the cost of tuition for Florida residents. The Professional programs are classified under a different pricing structure, and are therefore based off market pricing in regards to other peer institution MBA programs.

    From the student’s perspective, the greatest cost of the Full-Time program is the opportunity cost of ceasing their current employment status for 1-2 years. Students enrolled in the Professional programs are able to continue to earn income and often receive tuition assistance from their employers, substantially lowering their total investment.

  6. When are program payments due?

    A non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance, prior to enrolling. Once enrolled, payments are due by the first day of each term. In the Full-Time programs, the deposit covers the cost of orientation and professional development activities during the course of the MBA. For the Professional programs, the deposit is credited to the last term.

  7. I am a veteran and have financing questions. Who can I speak to?

    The University provides military-service men and women with resources and assistance through the Office of Veterans Services. If you have questions regarding Post-9/1 GI Bill benefits, we encourage you to connect with them at (vacounselor at or 352-294-2948.


  1. What are the Academic Terms for UF MBA?

    The Full-Time program offers 7-week modules with the following week consisting of final exams.

    The Professional, Executive, and Online programs are taught in 14-16 week semesters.

  2. What concentrations does UF MBA offer?

    We offer six concentrations to our Full-Time students: Finance, Human Capital, Marketing, Strategy, Supply Chain, & Real Estate. Additional elective courses are available within the Hough Graduate School of Business, depending upon availability and enrollment.

  3. Can I earn a concentration or certificate in a Professional (Executive, Professional or Online) program?

    Concentrations and certificates are only available within our Full-Time programs. If enrolled in a Professional Two-year or Online program, students have the ability to select a Focus Area (entrepreneurship, finance, international, or marketing) that provides flexibility and enables them to enroll in electives that align with career goals.

  4. What is the curriculum for the Executive/Professional/Online program?

    A tentative course schedule complete with course titles, semesters, and faculty members can be viewed on each program’s webpage. For additional questions, please contact the Admissions team.

  5. What courses are available to select in each Focus Area?

    Specific available courses will vary by semester depending upon both schedule and faculty availability. Focus Area offerings will be shared once the program begins.

  6. Will my Focus Area appear on my transcripts or diploma?

    No. They simply allow students some flexibility and control over their course curriculum and schedule.

  7. When should I declare my Focus Area?

    Students should select their Focus Area by semester three for a one-year program, and by semester five for a two-year program. More details will be shared by our Student Affairs team at orientation and throughout the program.

  8. Can I select more than one Focus Area?

    Yes. Depending upon which Focus Areas are chosen and how/which courses are selected, students may be required to extend their graduation date or incur additional costs.

  9. Am I required to select a Focus Area?

    Students are not required to select a Focus, and can instead pick and choose their electives from all four if they wish.

  10. Instead of enrolling in a semester-long course for my Focus Area course, can I participate in a one-week elective on campus instead?

    Yes. More details will be shared by our Student Affairs team once the program begins.

  11. Can I extend my Professional program duration?

    UF MBA does offer flexibility in extending programs beyond their established durations. Our Student Affairs team will work with students on an individualized basis.

Student Life

  1. Is Orientation mandatory?

    Attendance at orientation is mandatory for all MBA students. Fully Online MBA students will have a virtual orientation. Orientation dates for each program are shared well in-advance on our website, and the detailed orientation schedule is shared with admitted students approximately eight weeks prior to the program start date.

  2. What specific computer requirements are there for UF MBA?

    All UF students must own a computer that meets the minimum UF computing requirements included below. Warrington College of Business requires students to specifically own a notebook computer.

  3. What is the schedule for my program and do I have to be there for all meetings?

    The class dates calendar for each program is available on our website, and you are welcome to contact the Admissions team to obtain these calendars. Orientation is mandatory for all UF MBA students. Students are strongly encouraged to attend all class sessions, and class attendance is managed by UF MBA faculty who have great discretion over attendance policies. Absence from class should be rare and promptly communicated to faculty members.

  4. What is my weekly time commitment for the program?

    In the Full-Time program, students are expected to commit approximately 40 hours per week towards their MBA classes, school work, and various career and experiential activities that may be required.

    Students enrolled in a Professional program are advised to dedicate 15-20 hours per week towards their MBA studies. This range may vary depending upon specific courses and a student’s strengths and experiences.

  5. Is lodging provided for Professional students?

    Our Student Affairs team has arranged discounted group rates with several area hotels, with varying price points and brands. Students are required to arrange their own travel accommodations, but the UF MBA team will provide recommendations and information approximately two months prior to orientation.

  6. Am I eligible for student football tickets?

    Yes. All MBA students who are enrolled in the spring, and plan to be enrolled in the fall, are eligible to apply to the football lottery in the spring term. Our Student Affairs team has also created the MBA Football Block that season ticket holders are welcome to join.

  7. Can I attend a Global Immersion Experience?

    All UF MBA students are welcome to participate in a GIE (our international study tour). Our trips are often comprised of students across many cohorts (Full-Time, Professional, Online), and many students participate in multiple GIE’s. For upcoming destinations, costs, or other questions, please review our GIE webpage.

    *Our Executive and Professional in South Florida MBA cohorts are required within their curriculum to participate in their GIE.


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