Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions often posed to the UF MBA Programs office by potential applicants.

Application Process

  1. How do I decide which UF MBA Program option is the right one for me?

    You need to decide if you want to go to school full-time or part-time (MBA for Professionals Programs). You should review the Program Summary to see which option is a good fit for you. You can also review the orientation presentations in the future students section of the website to get a feel for the quality and profile of the last entering class in each option. This process should enable you to narrow your choices to a few options. This is a great point to contact the admissions team who will be glad to advise you in selecting the best option for you.

  2. Does UF require any prerequisites?

    No, although knowledge of financial accounting and quantitative skills (calculus, statistics, etc.) prior to enrollment is helpful.

  3. Can I apply to more than one UF MBA Program?

    You should submit only one application to the program that is your top choice. The Admissions Committee may consider you for other programs if you are not eligible for your first choice.

  4. What if I can't get the application in by the recommended deadline?

    We do rolling admissions and accept applications at any time. However, if you apply after the deadline you can only be considered for the entering class if it is not already full. If the deadline is approaching or already passed, you can contact the admissions staff to see if there is still space available.

  5. How are the admissions criteria weighted?

    The Admissions Committee bases its decision on the strength of the application as a whole; no formula is used. Strong applicants have solid work experience and excellent academics. If one area is a little weak, it might be overcome by outstanding attributes in another.

  6. Can I schedule an admissions interview?

    After you have submitted your application to one of the UF MBA Programs, the Admissions Committee will evaluate your file. Candidates may be invited to interview following the initial review of the application, at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact the admissions staff at any time in the process.

  7. Once my application is complete, how long will it take to receive an admission decision?

    The time required varies by program and time of year. Applications are reviewed in cycles. We try to make decisions within three weeks of an application being complete. In the interest of confidentiality, no admissions decisions will be given over the phone when you call us. If you have questions about your application, please send your inquiry to our application status email (floridamba at

  8. Do you allow deferred admission? That is, can I defer my admission from one year to another?

    When an admitted student is unable to enroll and requests to be admitted the following year, the admissions committee will re-evaluate the applicant. Excellent applicants will be offered admissions for the following year. Other applicants will rejoin the applicant pool.

Transfer Credits and Program Eligibility

  1. Can I transfer my credits?

    No. However, an applicant with a very high number of MBA credits from an excellent school may be eligible to enroll in the One-Year Business Majors Program, the One-Year Online Program, or the One-Year Professional Program.

  2. I worked full-time/part-time during my undergraduate studies (or prior to starting my undergraduate education). Will this work experience count towards your requirement?

    Part-time experience does not normally count. Besides the Executive Program, we look for the equivalent of two years of full-time work in a professional position. This time can include college co-ops and internships. We suggest that if you are close to the two years and want to start now, apply. If you are not admitted for the current year due to work experience, there is no harm done to your future chances for admission and we will roll over your application to the following year. If you are an older student with many years of professional experience, and have recently finished your undergraduate degree, we welcome you to apply.

  3. I would like to be in the Executive Program, but I’m not sure if my work experience is good enough?

    If you are close to the EMBA experience requirements and want to be in that program, apply to it. When we review your application, if we determine that you do not meet the Executive Program requirements, we will automatically consider you for the Two-Year Professional Program.

  4. I have extensive work experience and/or professional licenses. Does that make me eligible for the One-Year Business Majors Program, One-Year Online Program or One-Year Professional Program?

    No. Work experience and professional licenses are not equivalent to college coursework.

  5. I have a Business Minor, or a lot of business classes. Does that make me eligible for the One-Year Business Majors Program, One-Year Online Program or One-Year Professional Program?

    Probably not. Almost all students who are not business majors do not have enough of the correct business classes to be eligible for these shorter programs. You can use this Evaluation Form to analyze your transcripts to check on your eligibility. If you believe you are eligible to apply to one of these programs, please include this form in your application materials.

GMAT and TOEFL Questions

  1. Can the GMAT requirement be waived for candidates with a high GPA, substantial work experience, high self esteem, or who are just too busy to study for the GMAT?

    There are no GMAT waivers for the Full-Time Programs. The GMAT might be waived in the Executive, Professional and Online Programs if the applicant has achieved one of the following:

    • A JD from a U.S. School.
    • A PhD in a technical field from a U.S. School.
    • A MD from a U.S. School.
    • A Master's degree from a U.S. School and a current GRE score.

    The waiver will be granted after a review of the relevant test scores (GRE) and undergraduate and graduate transcripts. The GMAT ensures that all students who enter the UF MBA Program are capable of handling the workload. Academic potential has been shown to be accurately predicted by transcripts, GPA and GMAT score. Excellent work experience will also benefit an application, but it is not a substitute for the GMAT.

    The GMAT requirement benefits you. Competition for students has motivated some schools to waive the GMAT for more and more reasons—GPA, work experience, ability to pay tuition, etc. While having the GMAT requirement waived might make you feel special, you should realize that school might be waiving the GMAT for most, if not all, applicants. These applicants will become your fellow group members, the people that you will be relying upon to produce high quality work. The ability to produce high quality work is in doubt when an applicant has no, or a low GMAT.

    **For MBA for Professionals Programs only, UF MBA is now accepting the GRE. The GMAT is our preferred test and all full-time applicants are required to take GMAT. For information on using the GRE as your admissions test, email (floridamba at us.

  2. How and when should I schedule the GMAT?

    Go to to learn more about the GMAT and register, or call 1-800-717-GMAT (4628). The GMAT test scores are good for five years, so don’t hesitate to prepare for, and take it, long before you plan to apply. When scheduling the test, keep in mind that you have to wait 30 days before retaking the test. You might want to take it early enough that you have the opportunity to retake if you do not do well. If applying close to an application deadline, please fax your unofficial scores to us at 352-392-8791, so that we can use them to review your application.

  3. What is the average GMAT test score for admitted students?

    The GMAT average for recent Full-Time Program classes has been around 670. The GMAT average for recent Executive, Professional and Online Programs has been around 600. To do your best on the GMAT, study for the GMAT. Study books with computerized practice tests are available at just about any book store.

  4. I've taken the GMAT and did not do as well as I wanted. Should I re-take it?

    If you've taken the GMAT and your score was not in the normal range for that program, 640 and up for the Full-Time Program and 560 and up for the part-time, re-taking is recommended. We do not average your GMAT scores. We will take your highest composite score as your true score and will use that score in the admissions process.

  5. Can I be conditionally admitted because I did not do well on the GMAT or I have not had time to take the GMAT?

    No. It would be unfair to your teams to have a group member that might be dismissed due to a pending GMAT. It would also be unfair to you to have to study for the GMAT while taking classes.

  6. How long does it take for UF to receive my GMAT scores?

    It takes two to three weeks for your official scores to be received by the UF MBA office. If your selected program starts soon after you complete your GMAT, we suggest faxing your unofficial score to 352.392.8791. We can use your unofficial score to evaluate your application while waiting for your official score to arrive.

  7. Who must take the TOEFL test and what score do you require?

    TOEFL scores are required of applicants who attended a non-English speaking institution for their baccalaureate degree or whose native language is not English. A minimum TOEFL score of 600 for the paper version, 213 for the computer-based, and 80 for the Online-based. Applicants should also score at least a 30 on the verbal section of the GMAT and may be asked to interview to demonstrate verbal English proficiency. Because the TOEFL is only one factor in the admissions decision, a high score does not guarantee admission.

Financial Questions

  1. Can I get a scholarship or fellowship?

    Some scholarships and fellowships are available to Full-Time Program students. All admitted Full-Time students will automatically be considered for these awards based upon their academic and professional achievements. There are no scholarships or fellowships available to part-time students.

  2. Is financial assistance available for MBA students?

    All UF MBA students (Full-Time, Executive, Professional and Online) who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for Federal (Stafford) loans and private loans.

  3. Is financial assistance available to international students?

    Most loans and fellowships are for U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. However, students may qualify for some loan programs with a U.S. co-signer on the loan.

  4. Why do the MBA for Professionals Programs cost more than the Florida resident Full-Time Programs?

    If you compare the cost of the UF MBA Program to other top 50 programs, you will realize that it is a great value no matter which program that you enroll in. The costs of the Full-Time Programs are subsidized by the State of Florida. This lowers the cost of tuition for Florida residents. The part-time programs have to pay for themselves and therefore are at more market-driven prices.

    From the student’s perspective, the greatest cost of the Full-Time Programs is the opportunity cost of not being able to work full time for one or two years. Students in the part-time programs are able to continue to earn income and often receive tuition assistance from their employers, substantially lowering their total investment.

  5. When are program payments due?

    A non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance, prior to enrolling. Once enrolled, payments are due by the first day of each term. In the Full-Time Programs, the deposit covers the cost of orientation and professional development activities during the course of the MBA. For the part-time programs, the deposit is credited to the last term. Part-time students can request a 45-day deferral to allow time for company reimbursement to be processed.

Program Questions

  1. Can I get a concentration or certificate in any of the part-time (Executive, Professional or Online) programs?

    No. Currently concentrations and certificates are available only in the Full-Time Programs. For most students, a general MBA from a prestigious school, like UF, is ample to allow them to pursue new career opportunities. Also, as you become more senior in an organization, you will be less of a specialist and be expected to have a working knowledge of all functional areas.

  2. What specific computer requirements are there for the program?

    All students entering any of the UF MBA Programs are required to have a laptop computer that meets the College's specifications. For more information, please review the laptop computer requirements.

  3. What is the schedule for my program, and do I have to be there for all meetings?

    The calendar for each program is available on the Future Students and Admitted Students sections of the website. Every student must attend the orientation for their program. You are expected to be at every class meeting. If a student can’t attend a class meeting, they are required to inform their faculty. The faculty has a great amount of discretion on whether to approve an absence and creating a make-up plan. Absences for all programs should be rare and only occur when a student has no choice but to miss class.

  4. What is my weekly time commitment for schoolwork?

    The schoolwork commitment for the Full-Time Program is too high for full time students to maintain full-time employment. Some Full-Time Program students are able to maintain part-time work up to about 15 hours a week.

    In the MBA for Professionals Programs, most students are able to accomplish their schoolwork in 15 to 25 hours a week. We know that as a busy professional, you don’t currently have 20 hours of free time each week. We also know that you will find the time after you enter the program. Most Professional Program students try to do an hour or two of work every day and then dedicate a full day to schoolwork on the weekend.

  5. Where do part-time students stay on the weekend?

    MBA for Professionals students are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements for campus visit weekends. The UF MBA Programs staff has made block reservation arrangements with several local hotels that provide a variety of options in location, price, and brand. These hotels also offer a simple process that allows students to make one reservation request which covers all program visits including special event weekends in Gainesville. Complete information and details about hotel options will be made available to admitted students approximately six weeks prior to the beginning of the program.

  6. Am I eligible for student football tickets?

    For complete details about student football ticket eligibility and how to obtain tickets please visit There is an arrangement in place to pick up tickets for student ticket holders who do not live in Gainesville which will be explained to eligible students prior to the beginning of the football season.


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